Friday, June 19, 2009

The Beekeeper

BeeKeeper Folk Art Doll
BeeKeeper Whimsical Art Doll
Recycled art doll

I've always wondered what it would be like to keep a hive of bees. I'm certain that I'm romanticising the idea in my head, but it just seems so intriguing to me. I think about the delicious honey they'd make. The good they'd do pollinating nearby gardens and fields. Then there's the bee's wax. One could make their own encaustic wax or candles, or even natural lip balm. Oh the possibilities! Like I said, I'm completely romanticising the idea. Well here is my little beekeeper who gets to do all of those dreamy things.

Details: She made of paper clay, polymer, and fabric. She sits quite nicely on a shelf and her bodice is covered with used thesaurus pages. The honey bees are made of recycled / reused / repurposed? envelope window plastic. The bee wings and hive are sprinkled with a bit of glitter which you can see in the photo below:

Here are some of the words you'll find on her: goody-goody, honey bee, communal, earnest, faithful, goody two shoes, entwined, dweller, lovely, bewitching, prime, primitive, existence, and harvest to name a few.
While I was searching for vintage photos of beekeepers to share with this blog post I found this interesting vintage photo of a lady in her costume that is adorned with large bees! I made the doll prior to finding this photo but I think it would have made a great reference photo to work from! Too funny!

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  1. Oh, My! Can you imagine the thoughts that were coursing through this dear lady's head? Ha ha! What a riot! Bee keeping...hmmm... I love the idea of chickens...been thinking about this for a while..fresh eggs and the like...they don't sting....