Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dreaming of a Kiln!

little red riding hood and big bad wolf salt and pepper shakers
So the other day I was sitting at my parent's kitchen table discussing my dream of having a kiln and all of the wonderful things I had planned to make. I explained the processes I was going the use and the suppliers I had tediously found for just the right items. I was completely blown away when my Dad said, "Let me get it for you." WHAT! Can you believe what a sweet and generous offer that was! I had my chance to get one but passed on it! Crazy, I know. I just wouldn't feel right about it, but the offer meant more than I can express in words. However, I have worked on a cute little salt a pepper shaker prototype so to speak. I think they need a little sweet border around them. Maybe? Well the plan is to hopefully have some of these little cuties in my Fables and Foxes etsy shop in the next couple months. Until then I'll keep brewing ideas.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the shakers.
    I have a kiln that I never use. Feel free to come over and borrow it anytime :)